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HDPLEX Fanless H3.SODD HTPC Mini ITX PC Case HDD Installation Guide

The H3.SODD fanless HTPC mini ITX PC case for Intel sandy bridge CPU or Clarkdale CPU have 4 SSD/2.5″ HDD bay and one 3.5″ HDD bay.

There are three SSD/2.5″ HDD installation position on the bottom plate and one SSD/2.5″ HDD bay on the bottom side of the slim ODD rack.

When the front USB port is used, only 3 SSD/2.5″ HDD bay could be utilized. The right side SSD bay will be disabled by the USB front plug.

There is one 3.5″ HDD bay on the bottom plate. The 3.5″ HDD should not exceed 25mm thickness. When 3.5″ HDD is installed, there will be no 2.5″ SSD/HDD bay left.

All HDD installation position on the H3 series fanless HTPC mini-ITX case bottom plate are equipped with anti-vibration rubber cushion.

The picture is showing H3.SODD with ASUS P8H67-ITX mini-ITX board with Intel core i3 2120 Sandy Bridge CPU, 5600S bluray slot loading slim optical drive with OCZ SSD and Phenoix SSD, 80W Fanless Industrial Grade Internal open frame PSU.

There is room above the optical drive for 2.5″ HDD/SSD. Although not officially supported, you might be able to add one or two additional SSD via double tape.