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Fanless PC build HD-PLEX 2nd Gen H5 Intel I5 5675C and Asus Z97-P

Original Review from SPCR Forum

Hello i would like to share ,with my poor English, my first fanless pc build.

A little time ago i have decided to change my eight years old ,but still effective, PC with something new and different from traditional one.

I wanted a general purpose pc (personal productivity, internet surfing – youtube, HD video playing, lo-res gaming, programming) built with fewest possible internal component, with low power consumption, fanless and with a compact case.

Searching the internet (in sites like SPCR) i’he found the components that match my desidered build:

– Case: Hd-Plex 5 second generation fanless case.
This case is stated to support up to 95 TDW CPU whit eight copper heat pipe cooling.
It is not the smallest case but can accept atx motherboard and has a lot of space to support
upgrades / new internal component.
It can accept a low power discrete card that can be passively cooled with
additional pipes.

– CPU: Intel I5 5675C.
It suits my needs because is a desktop class (not underpowered laptop) 65W TDP I5 and it
has an integrate Iris Pro 6200 gpu adeguate for my usage (at this time i don’t want a discre

– PSU: Hd-Plex 160W AC-DC fanless and 250W DC-DC fanless atx.
Power is adeguate for the build.

– RAM: Trident X DDR3 2400 16GB
For higher bandwith to the integrated gpu.

– HD: Samsung SSD EVO 850 500GB in M.2 format (sata,ahci)
I like the compact form M.2. The sata,ahci version is the “slower” type of M.2 but costs
less for GB then pcie,nvmi and is more than adequate for general purpose usage.

-MB: Asus Z97-P.
It as a Z97 chipset, M.2 socket and support 4K HDMI.

– OTHER : no need for other internal component (DVD , Hard Disk) because if needed i use
external usb version.

So i built the PC.

Below some pictures of the internals and external of the finished PC.

HDPLEX 2nd Gen H5 Fanless PC build with 5675C

HDPLEX 2nd Gen H5 Fanless PC build with 5675C

HDPLEX 2nd Gen H5 Fanless PC build with 5675C

My impression of the main fanless components from HD-PLEX (case, cpu cooling and PSU) is good, they seems quality built.

I’ve put the pc on test for stability and temperature, below some results and measurements.
I5 cpu standard 3.1 Ghz – DDR3 on 2133 Mhz – room temperature 19.5 C.

After 1:45 hour of prime 95 4 thread blend test , average CPU package temperature 75 C

After 11 hours of mixed used (idle, office, internet, video playing, 3D gaming). Average CPU temp 45 C. MAX 76 C.

HDPLEX 2nd Gen H5 Fanless PC Temperature Graph

Two pictures of case temperature measurement after some hours of 3D Gaming at CPU package temp of 75 C. Below temperature on top of CPU aluminium fins. 54 C room temperature 19.5 C.

HDPLEX 2nd Gen H5 Fanless PC Temperature Graph

Below temperature on the fins on aluminium case side with CPU cooling pipes. 49 C room temperature 19.5 C

HDPLEX 2nd Gen H5 Fanless PC Temperature Graph