HDPLEX Fanless PC Case

HTPC build log with HDPLEX H5 MK2 from AVS Forum

Detail build log and review could be located here at avsforum.com

Before I start, here is a list of components I want to put in, as well as an outline of the issues around this build:

Design goal:
– silent PC
– low power (will be ON 24/7)
– using existing components as much as possible

Existing components list:
CPU: Intel Core i5 4570T (35W TDP)
MB: Gigabyte GA-Z97MX Gaming 5
RAM: 16GB Corsair Vengeance LP (CML8GX3M2A1600C9)
SSD: 128GB Samsung 840EVO
WiFi card: Asus PCE-AC68
SoundCard: SoundBlaster ZxR
Video Card: Gigabyte GV-N730D5-2GI (rev 2)

New components:
HDPLEX H5 rev 2 case
160W AC-DC module
250W HiFi DC-ATX module
2 x HDPLEX GPU cooler
2 x HDPLEX PCI-X 3.0 X16 riser

In closing I would like to summarize my impressions of this build:

1. The case quality is top notch; all tolerances are so that I never had a problem to elegantly fit all screws/hinges/corners.
2. The case is a bit crammed (especially when you put all the stuff I put inside); Here I say again @HDPLEX: please, please, please make the case just a bit bigger, so that nut cases like me can still make the build without so much frustration.
3. the PCI-X riser cable is very strange.
– It is too tall on the MB side due to that PCB part that mates the Female connector on the MB to the female connector on the ribbon. If you try to fit it in a second/third/fourth PCI-X slot it will cause shorts to the bottom expansion card in the case
– it is bent strangely on the expansion card side, causing the user to have to make a 180 deg bend in the ribbon (lots of stress) to make it fit. The ribbon quality seems wobbly… no screening….
4. I am sure the build can be a quite pleasant 4-5 hours build if you make it standard; if you are like me and have some special non-standard ideas about what and how you want to put in, then it can be quite frustrating: lack of space (not for work but for crazy ideas), lack of PCI-X ribbons on the market (for crazy ideas), lots of trial and error and lots of learning as well

HDPLEX Fanless H5 PC case build log

HDPLEX Fanless H5 PC case build log

HDPLEX Fanless H5 PC case build log

HDPLEX Fanless H5 PC case build log