HDPLEX Fanless PC Case

C.A.P.S. v3 Zuma with HDPLEX Fanless Computer Case H5.S

C.A.P.S. v3 Zuma with HDPLEX Fanless Computer Case H5.S


•HDPlex H5.S Fanless Aluminium Low Profile Case.•Intel DH77EB Media Series micro-ATX (m-ATX) Motherboard – Socket 1155.
•FSP 150w Adapter and XT160 PicoPSU.
•8GB Crucial 1600MHz DDR3 Memory.
•Intel Ivy Bridge Quad Core I7 3770S 3.1GHz or Quad Core I5 3450S 2.8GHz or Dual Core I3 3225 3.3GHz Processor.
•Samsung 840 PRO 128GB Solid State Drive.
•Optional SOtM (Soul Of the Music) tx-USBexp Precision Oscillator Card and SOtM Sata Power Filter for the SSD.
•Windows 8 Professional 64-bit.
•JRiver Media Centre 18.

HDPlex H5.S Specification (from manufacturer’s website):

Material & Colour:

Material: 6063T Aluminium Alloy
Body: Black
Faceplate: Silver or Black
Body Finish: Durable Powder Coating
Black Faceplate Finish: Powder Coating
Silver Faceplate Finish: Brushed Aluminium
Weight: 6kg (13.2 ibs)


Internal: 325 x 370 x 55 mm (D x W x H)
External: 325 x 438 x 60 mm (D x W x H)
Faceplate: 460 x 70 x15 mm (W x H x D)
Overall: Width 460 (17.3) Height (with feet) 75 (2.95) Depth 340 (13.4) mm (inch)


Mini-ITX and Micro-ATX Motherboards Supported
3.5″ HDD and 2.5″ SSD / HDD Supported
Full Height Single Slot PCI/E Card Supported

This music server design is based on the Zuma by Chris Connaker of the computer audiophile site.

It is completely silent and has no fans or moving parts.

It is the C.A.P.S. v3 Zuma for people who want a different case made by HDPlex with the option of excluding the SOtM cards and with a choice of processor if the I7 is not required. The Samsung 840 PRO solid state drive is 128GB due to a shortage of the 64GB version in the UK.

Read about the design and build choices for the C.A.P.S. v3 Zuma here: C.A.P.S. v3 Zuma.

That’s the Computer Audiophile Pocket Server CAPS v3 Zuma. It’s the first high powered CAPS server to date. The server is absolutely silent, capable of great sound, great looking, has no moving parts, fairly inexpensive, has no legacy components, is easy to operate, easy to assemble / install (by qualified personnel), small in size, consumes low power for a higher power design, produces low heat, accepts the SOtM tX-USBexp PCIe card, and plays all pertinent sample rates from 44.1 kHz through 192 kHz and DSD. That’s the entire CAPS requirement list from version 1 of the server through v3. The Zuma design offers very fast performance. An upgrade path to a better power supply is being tested at the time of this writing. Zuma offers decent storage options of NAS or eSATA. The sound quality and usability of the Zuma server are both great. Computer audiophiles seeking computing power to accomplish most audio related tasks should consider CAPS v3 Zuma over all previous designs.