HDPLEX 200WDC-ATX Connector

HDPLEX 200WDC-ATX Connector

HDPLEX 200WDC-ATX Dimension
HDPLEX 200WDC-ATX Dimension

Screw-Lock 7.4*5.0mm Female DC Jack   Specially Designed by HDPLEX For Easy Mounting

HDPLEX 200W DC-ATX Converter

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Technical Specifications

Wattage: 200W (220W Peak), >94% Efficiency


16V-24V wide range voltage input support, 8 layer DUAL Level copper PCB!

The only Direct Plug DC-ATX with PCIExpress Rail 6+2PIN, supporting GTX950/GTX1050

The only Direct Plug DC-ATX with dual aluminum heatsink for 24/7 robust operation

Top Quality German Würth Elektronik Inductance

CPU 12V+PCIExpress 12V Support 15A with 20A Peak

5V SYNC Output via PS-GOOD Rail Supported

Operating Temperature: -10°C to 70°C

Size: 45(H) x 53(W) x 28.5(D) mm, 3D Engineering File Download(STP Format)

Input Voltage: 16V-24V DC

Input Connector: 7.4x5.0mm w/center PIN,40cm Input Cable with 4PIN Molex Female

Output Connector:
4+4PIN CPU EPS12V Cable (40cm)*1(Detachable),6+2PIN PCIExpress Cable (40cm)*1(Detachable), SATA Power Cable with 2*SATA Connector (40cm)

Key Specification:

Output Voltage Max DC Current Full Load DC Current Output Voltage Tolerance Ripple Noise

+3.3V       7A    5A       1%        50mV
+5V       10A    7A       1%        60mV
+12V       20A    15A       1%        70mV
+5VSB       3A    0.5A       3%        30mV
Hardware Compatibility

We recommend HDPLEX internal 200W AC-DC adapter +HDPLEX 200W DC-ATX Combo for ITX/All-in-one system. This nanoATX power supply combo is very small and highly efficient. This nanoATX power supply combo can delivery enough power to an ATX system with entry level video card which require one 6PIN or 8PIN PCIExpress Input such as GTX950/GTX1050 .

HDPLEX 200W NanoATX Combo

Compatible 19V laptop adapters for HDPLEX 200W DC-ATX Power Supply (not all are listed):

Dell: PA19,PA10, PA-3E, 9T215, 310-3399, UC473, 7W104, 5U092, 2H098, 450-10471.

ASUS: PA-1121-28, ADP-120ZB BB, 04G266010800, 04G266006120.

Toshiba: PA3516U-1ACA, PA3717U-1ACA, PA3290U-3ACA, PA3717E-1AC3.

HP: PPP012H, 609940-001, 391173-001, 463955-001.
Package Content

1 x HDPLEX 200W DC-ATX Converter (16V-24V wide range voltage)

1x Molex 4PIN-4+4PIN(4+4) CPU ESP12V Cable (40cm)

1x Molex 4PIN-6+2PIN PCIExpress Cable (40cm)

1x XH4P to SATA Cable with 2 SATA Power Connector (40cm)

1 x 6PIN-7.4x5.0mm with Center PIN DC input connector (40cm)

HDPLEX 200W DC-ATX Converter 2 X M2*6 Screw and One 2PIN Jumper

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