HDPLEX History

Formed in 2007, HDPLEX Ltd. had and still has this single mission of producing high quality fan-less computer cases with minimalist design features.
Two of our prototype products, the H5.S and the H10.ODD, gained immediate recognition once they were released into the consumer market.

Thanks to our customers’ positive feedbacks and rave reviews, in 2012 we released H3.S and H3.SODD, which became instant hits as well.

Also in the same year, we introduced the H5.TODD into our line of products.

During the design process of our signature fan-less chassis, we found it rather hard to locate small, silent, and fan-less power supplies on the market, which gradually became a huge obstacle in creating truly versatile fan-less computer case. This turned out to be a turning point in our expansion strategy: we listened and took our customers’ feedback into consideration, and eventually we stepped into the realm of fan-less, highly efficient, silent power supply. It is now known as our NanoATX series.

The NanoATX Power Supply is an internal AC-DC adapter + DC-ATX converter combination, which is fully ATX compliant. Such combination is compact, fan-less yet rather powerful, replacing bulky and loud ATX/SFX power supply for small form factor PC. Our NanoATX Power Supply has enjoyed tremendous popularity in many SFF PC projects, such as the NFC S4.

Our first attempt is the 120W AC-DC and 160W DC-ATX combo, released in 2013.

With the NanoATX combo in place, our classic H1 fan-less PC case was introduced in 2014, to replace its chunkier predecessor, the H3 series. H1 remains the smallest ITX PC case which fully supports internal power supply solution and does not rely on external AC adapter. The H1 series also provide optional back plate for Thin-ITX motherboard.

The HDPLEX H1.S uses its faceplate for NanoATX installation and heat dissipation. That’s how we kill two birds with one stone. The end result: an elegant solution.

In 2015, one year after the official release of HDPLEX H1.S, we upgraded its 120W AC-DC open frame with 160W AC-DC with PFC which has sealed enclosure. The 160W DC-ATX was also upgraded with 8-Pin CPU modular output and Germany WE inductor.

HDPLEX 80W AC-DC adapter was released along with the new 160W AC-DC adapter, both targeting at the emerging Thin-ITX and NUC market.

The HDPLEX H1.SODD, which is dedicated to Thin ITX motherboard, was released in 2015 as well. It is equipped with HDPLEX universal ODD eject button, freeing itself from relying on physical ODD eject button.

In order to meet consumers’ demand for high powered fan-less PC case and to acknowledge those customers who use PC as high-end transport for audio playback, we first introduced the 250W HiFi DC-ATX in 2014. We have been constantly improving the design, circuit, and component in three increments, and have upgraded it to 300W HiFi DC-ATX in late 2016. In 2017, we once again challenged and surpassed our own standard by replacing the 300W HiFi DC-ATX with a monster-sized 400W HiFi DC-ATX, thus permanently eliminated the coil whine that is unable to handle peak 12V current.

Our first linear power supply also experienced a rapid development and upgrade cycle. In merely two years, the 100W model has evolved into its 3rd generation. Changes include multiple rails, an adjustable output, and dual-way OCP OVP protection on all outputs. In addition, the R-Core transformer has been upgraded from 100VA to 160VA as well. In 2016, we released the 200W model with 200VA R-Core transformer, full XLR output, EMI/RFI filter grid, and USB 3.1 5V connector.

With these internal NanoATX power supply solutions under our belt, we continued to release our flagship H5 2nd Gen Fan-less Chassis. The 2nd Gen H5 involves two years of design effort and countless modifications at the drawing board. It is a true milestone in our company history, as this product combines minimalism, internal power supply, and copper based heatsink system into one fantastic package. It is the fruit of accumulated experience and ongoing refinement; because it has a number of features differentiating it among its competitors, the 2nd Gen quickly becomes one of the company’s bestsellers. Upon its release, the H5 2nd Gen with 16 heat-pipe solution has gained immediate coverage from quite a few leading media outlets in the CE industry.

Meanwhile, we introduced the 400W ATX linear power supply along with the PCIE16 silicon riser, which are both compatible with H5 2nd Gen fan-less PC case. The PCIE16 silicon riser, which is the only silicon based riser, offers a fully shielded solution with consistent PCB resistance value for stable high-speed differential signal. We use silicon material to optimize its PCB conductive characteristic and its flexible nature.

Year 2016 saw the birth of our direct-plug 160W DC-ATX, replacing two prior models: the none-direct-plug 160W DC-ATX and 300W AC-DC with PFC adapter. The 160W DC-ATX immediately became a market leader, as it is the only direct-plug DC-ATX converter which supports PCIExpress rail and modular output. Our NanoATX product line now offers two fully passive internal power supply solutions for customers with such demands.

Our company has made a long journey and we never stop the pursuit for excellence. To commemorate our core value as well as the 10th anniversary of our company, we will soon present the 2nd Gen H1/H1.SODD and HDPLEX Cube. We look forward to a new chapter in the next 10 years.
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