The HDPLEX 200W AC-DC is a fanless and capable adapter with tiny footprint. It is designed to be installed internally and outputs 19VDC.

The HDPLEX internal 200W AC-DC adapter is designed for Thin mini-ITX and Intel NUC which accepts 19VDC input.

HDPLEX internal 200W AC adapter can also work with HDPLEX 200W DC-ATX Converter as a HDPLEX nanoATX combo for regular mini-ITX/microATX motherboard in low-mid level power platform with entry level video card such as GTX1050.

HDPLEX 200W AC-DC packages power performance in small foot print (149.5x52x40mm ).

HDPLEX internal 200W AC adapter is supported by HDPLEX H1.S Fanless Computer case ,HDPLEX H3 V2 Fanless Computer case and HDPLEX H5 Computer case. It can also been installed in any PC case which support standard ATX power supply using the optional HDPLEX ATX bracket .

HDPLEX internal 200W AC-DC adapter uses JST ELP-03V connector for detachable AC input. Two AC input cables are included. They are JST ELR-03V to C8 cable (for PC case with standard C8 cutout such as NFC S4M case) and JST ELR-03V to C14 cable for PC case with standard C14 cutout such as HDPLEX fanless PC case.
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Stock Status USA : ETA Sep 15th · Germany : ETA Sep 25th
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Stock Status USA : ETA Sep 15th · Germany : ETA Sep 25th
Technical Specifications

Wattage: 200W (>85% Efficiency).

Input Voltage: 90V-264V 50/60hz

Output Voltage: 19VDC

Output Current: 10.5A at Full Load, 12.5A Peak.

Idle Power: <0.5W.


Internal 19V AC-DC adapter designed for HDPLEX nanoATX combo power supply

Equipped with Active Power Factor Correction (PFC),>85% Efficiency

Overvoltage/Overload/Overcurrent/Short Circuit Protection

Aluminum shell casing working with HDPLEX fanless PC chassis to dissipate heat

Fanless and 100% Silent

4PIN and detachable 2PIN male Molex output

MTBF>150k Hours

CE/FCC/RoHS Certified. EMC:IEC55013/55020/55022/55024/61000

Detachable C14 and C8 AC IEC Connector:flexible to support other AC input for custom project

International 90V-264V 50/60hz Voltage Supported

Operating Temperature: -10°C - 75°C

Input: Detachable C8 and C14 IEC Connetor with EMI filter (90V-264V)

Output: 4PIN or detachable 2PIN molex male connector.

Size: 149.5(D) x 52 (W) x 40 (H) mm, 3D Engineering drawing download

Package Content

1 x HDPLEX 200W AC-DC Adapter w/PFC

1 x IEC C14 AC Input with EMI filter (20cm)

1 x IEC C8 AC Input with EMI filter (20cm)

1x 4PIN Female Molex - 2PIN Male Molex Cable for onboard 2PIN 19V input on Thin mini-ITX/NUC (15cm)

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