HDPLEX 400W.AC-DC is an internal high efficiency AC-DC adapter. It is designed to work with HDPLEX 400W/800W DC-ATX and Thin-ITX/NUC platform. It accepts 90-264VAC input and outputs 19VDC. The working efficiency is up to 94% and the extremely low no load power consumption is down below 0.5W. Its compact size (180x58x40mm) and versatile mounting options enable powerfull performance in small package. HDPLEX 400W AC-DC works with NFC S4M case out-of-the-box.

HDPLEX 400W AC-DC has 12V fan output and supports detachable mounting ears and external 30mm 12V DC fan. The fan will start once the output power is higher than 200W.

HDPLEX internal 400W AC adapter supports two mounting method and is best paired with HDPLEX 400W DC-ATX. This HDPLEX NanoATX combo could support mainstream platform such as Intel core i7+GTX1080. This combo could deliver 400W power with >90% efficiency and will support 450W peak.

HDPLEX internal 400W AC-DC adapter uses JST ELP-03V connector for detachable AC input. Two AC input cables are included. They are JST ELR-03V to C8 cable (for PC case with standard C8 cutout such as NFC S4M case) and JST ELR-03V to C14 cable for PC case with standard C14 cutout such as HDPLEX fanless PC case.

HDPLEX 400W AC-DC adapter uses Molex Mega-fit 6PIN connector for detachable DC output. HDPLEX has two DC output cables. They are Mega-fit 6PIN Male to Male cable for HDPLEX 800W/400W HiFi DC-ATX connection and Mega-fit 6PIN Male-7.4*5.0mm w/PIN cable for Thin ITX/Laptop connection.

HDPLEX 400W AC-DC is best to work with HDPLEX 400W HiFi DC-ATX. This powerful HDPLEX NanoATX combo power supply can drive system with hi-end video card like GTX1080Ti.

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Technical Specifications


300W Convection,400W Forced Air (with Detachable Externally Mounted 12VDC/30mm Fan)

Active Power Factor Correction

Overvoltage/Overload/Overcurrent/Short Circuit Protection

Heavy Duty Aluminum shell casing working with HDPLEX fanless PC chassis to dissipate heat

No Load Power Consumption<0.5W

Compact Size:180x58x40mm(LxWxH). 1U Compatible

Supports NFC S4M case Out-Of-The-Box

CE/FCC/RoHS Certified

3 Years Warranty

International 90V-264V 50/60hz Voltage Supported


Rated Power 300W Convection,400W Forced Air

Input Voltage: 90V-264V 50/60hz

Output DC Voltage: 19VDC

Power Factor : PF>0.94/230VAC >0.98/115VAC at Full Load

Efficiency: 94% at Full Load

Votlage Tolerance: ±3.0%

Load Regulation: ±1.0%

AC Current: 4A/115VAC 2A/230VAC

Inrush Current: COLD START 30A/115VAC 60A/230VAC

Overload Protection: 130% Rated Output Power

Over Current Protection (OCP):25A@19V Over/Under Voltage Protection (UVP/OVP): 17.5V-21.5V

Working Humdity:20 ~ 80% RH non-condensing

No Load Power: <0.5W.

Operating Temperature: -20 ~ +70℃

Input: Detachable C14 and C8 IEC Connetor via JST ELP/ELR-03V Connector

Output: 6PIN Molex Mega-Fit DC Connector

Dimension: 180(D) x 58(W) x 40 (H) mm or 198(D) x 58(W) x 40 (H) with Detachable Mounting Ear
Package Content

1 x HDPLEX 400W AC-DC Adapter w/PFC
1 x IEC C14 AC Input with EMI filter
1 x IEC C14 AC Input with EMI filter
1 x 6PIN-6PIN Molex Male to Male Cable (For 400W DC-ATX connection) and 1 x 4PIN-4PIN Molex Male to Male Cable (For 160W DC-ATX Connection)
1 x 6PIN Molex Male to 7.4*5.0mm w/PIN cable
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