HDPLEX NanoATX Power Supply : A fanless,small, and internal ATX PSU for SFF PC

HDPLEX NanoATX Power Supply is an internal AC-DC adapter+ DC-ATX converter combination which are fully ATX compliant.

Those combinations are small, fanless and powerful.They are to replace bulky and noisy ATX/SFX power supply for small form factor PC.

We hope NanoATX power supply become the standard choice for SFF PC project.

The HDPLEX NanoATX power supply contains two parts:HDPLEX internal fanless AC-DC adapters and HDPLEX DC-ATX converters.

HDPLEX currently offers three internal AC-DC adapters: 80W AC-DC,200W AC-DC with PFC, and 400W AC-DC with PFC . They are fanless, using aluminum shell for passive cooling, and highly efficient.

HDPLEX 400W AC-DC Adapter

HDPLEX also offers three DC-ATX converters: 800W DC-ATX Converter with 16V-63VDC Super Wide Range Voltage Input ,400W HiFi DC-ATX Converter , and 200W DC-ATX Direct Plug Converter . They all use dual bridge rectifier and top quality components like German Würth Elektronik inductor or Shield enclosed inductor and TI control chip.

HDPLEX 800W DC-ATX converter

HDPLEX 400W DC-ATX converter

HDPLEX 200W DC-ATX converter

We recommend four HDPLEX NanoATX Combos
HDPLEX NanoATX 200W AC-DC+200W DC-ATX combo
Both HDPLEX H5 fanless PC chassis and HDPLEX H1.S fanless PC chassis support this NanoATX power supply combo and it is a natural fit for low-mid power ITX/microATX system with entry level video card such as GTX950/GTX1050Ti with single 6PIN/8PIN PCIExpress Input.

HDPLEX internal fanless AC-DC adapters NanoATX solution

HDPLEX NanoATX 400W AC-DC+400W HiFi DC-ATX combo
Both HDPLEX H5 fanless PC chassis supports this NanoATX power supply combo and it is an excellent choice for ATX/microATX system with video card such as GTX1080 and GTX1080Ti or PC Audio systems.

HDPLEX 400W NanoATX Combo

HDPLEX NanoATX dual 400W AC-DC+800W DC-ATX combo

This HDPLEX 800W NanoATX combo can power the most demanding system like 9700k with RTX 2080Ti and SLI setup.

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